All-in-One & Automated Fund Management System for Wealth Management Companies.

Client Portfolio Management

Client Enquiry Online (CEO) is a multi-functional web interface for clients to check the most up-to-date product information, market news, announcement and investment portfolio. Administrative workload can be greatly reduced with streamlined fund subscription by integrating front-to-middle office processing including fund selection, capital injection, application approval etc.

Centralized Client Management

The Centralized Client Management helps to expand your service capabilities and client base by centralizing the management of client account in one single console, where administrator can easily handle tasks related to clients’ registration, authentication and settlement.

Comprehensive Order Management

Seamlessly handle cash in/out from client's bank transaction
One click to manage any subscription, redemption, maturity, unit transfer, renewal, etc
Automatic import TT from Excel Spreadsheet
Show all clients’ fund unit holding of individual fund series

Automatic Administration

The fund operation can be managed in a flexible, user-friendly environment where administrative burdens can be greatly reduced by eliminating and automating the error-prone tasks.

  • Manage Fund Product Series and Product Information
  • Fee and charges formula and calculation, e.g. performance fee, subscription fee and redemption fee
  • Add formula for dividend and interest
  • Assign a bank settlement account to a product
  • Set fund price for the current dealing date
  • DAYEND function represents a final accounting record of all trades in that day
  • Individual set of holiday for each fund