Full-Fledged, Highly Scalable and Multi-Functional Electronic Trading System for Equity Brokers
Supporting Exchange Traded Stocks, Warrants, CBBC, ETFs and REITs

Support Multi-asset

Brokerages are able to trade various exchange traded products in one single system, including Stocks, Warrants, CBBC, ETFs and REITs. It can be easily integrated into the trading system of 3rd party global brokers via FIX, which helps brokerages to expand global equities business.

HKEx Certified

GES is one of the few independent software vendors who have passed both the certification tests of HKEx OCG trading platform and OMD-C market data platform, which provides brokerages a low-latency, flexible and highly scalable trading platform.


Multiple Conditional Orders Catering for Different Investment Strategies

GES EX supports multiple conditional orders include OCO, Stop Loss, Up Trigger, Down Trigger, etc, which allow investors to pre-set different conditional orders according to market conditions, which makes trading become more systematic by ruling out emotional human impacts.

Easy Integration with 3rd Party Back Office Settlement System

GES EX’s customizable interface can be seamlessly integrated with 3rd party back office settlement systems and the scheduled day-end job can be executed automatically. Back-office staff can easily handle the settlement job of GES EX orders without readjusting to a new system.

Advanced Risk Management and Reports

Providing comprehensive risk management and reports, GES EX helps to monitor the credit limit, purchasing power, margin level and transaction limit of clients in real time. Users can even set up 3rd party approval mechanism. Only orders approved by the 3rd party can be sent to the market, thus reducing mistaken orders led by human error.

Fund Manager Order Placing System

GES EX is equipped with a set of order placing functions for fund manager, which helps brokerages to expand fund management business. Fund manager can place orders for multiple funds at one time, and trades can be automatically allocated to each fund accounts by predefined percentage. All orders and their allocation methods will be shown in the daily trading reports, alleviating the hassle of manual order.