High Availability

Providing reliable protections, High Availability Service helps you to prevent unplanned system downtime and data damages that may bring irreparable harm to your business.

Automatic Failover

Users experience no disruption when a failure occurs as the failed system's service is switched to and application data is synchronized on the standby system.

Full System Protection

High Availability solution protects the Windows operating system, system state, application and data through physical-to-virtual and virtual-to-virtual replications in a cost-effective way.

Recovery Test

Monthly recovery test is performed in regular basis during weekends, with no disruption to your production environment during the period of failover process.

Secure Communications

Your server is securely protected by 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption over the network without virtual private network (VPN) or IPSec tunnel needed.

No-reboot Deployment and Maintenance

No-reboot feature eliminates disruption to the production environment and helps to easily estimate LAN and WAN bandwidth needs when performing failover procedure.

Centralized Management Console

GES centralized management console make CA ARCserve High Availability easy to be deployed and managed.

Database & Files Backup Service

Easily back up the whole system and database for both local and remote sites, such as MSSQL, Exchange, Oracle, MySQL, etc.
Keep monitoring the changes made to the selected files and folders, and back them up in real-time
Effectively minimize the backup window with original file backed up once only
Perform CRC check in regular basis to ensure the data integrity so that recovery would never fail
Universal restore; military-level encryption; full / incremental / differential backup; compatible with all major Operating Systems and Virtual Machines

Database & Files Recovery Service

Easily recover the data from remote site through encrypted channel
Restore the entire Windows System, no matter on-site or offsite. In case the Windows crashes, the backed up image is able to restore to a dissimilar machine
Automatically change Windows SID after restore (bare-metal restore)
Provide 24 hours hotline and on-site support to help with technical problems