• Auton
    The True Multi-asset and
    Algo-ready Trading Terminal
  • GES TX
    A Sophisticated Trading System Especially
    Designed for Forex, Bullion, CFDs
    and Options Trading
  • GES EX
    Full-Fledged, Highly Scalable and Multi-Functional
    Electronic Trading System for Equity Brokers
  • GES IX
    An Advanced, Highly Sophisticated and
    Multi-Functional Wealth Management System
  • Public Sector
    GES Becomes a Contractor of SOA-QPS4
    Approved by the HKSAR Government


  • Institutional and inter-bank liquidity access
  • Stable dedicated line with ultra-low latency
  • Best Bid and Offer (BBO)
  • Deeper market death and better fill rate

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  • Advanced order management
  • Robust pricing engine and spike price filter
  • A/B book in a glance
  • One-to-many STP
  • Various execution types and slippage control

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  • IB web portal for instant check on clients status
  • Multi-level IB commission calculation system and reports
  • Intuitive order placing interface for AE
  • Support PAMM /MAM for order placing

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  • Support trades of FX, Bullion, CFDs, Options and Equities in one single platform
  • Enable traders to script their own trading strategies
  • Support Android, iPhone and iPad

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  • Certified by HKEx
  • Support multi-products including securities and derivatives
  • Access global equities trading market
  • Various conditional order types
  • Comprehensive risk management and reports

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  • System integration and management
  • Bespoke software development
  • Network infrastructure and hosting
  • High availability and disaster recovery

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Global eSolutions (HK) Limited (“GES”) is a Hong Kong-based financial trading solution provider dedicated to the financial technology industry for more than 10 years, serving customers mainly in Asia Pacific region, such as Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia. GES empowers financial institutions with algo-trading capability, advanced risk management and FIX bridging solutions. GES fully covers the needs of the on-floor trading and OTC markets, with value-added services ranging from IT technical support, system integration, bespoke software and network infrastructure development to hosting services.

With GES technologies, financial institutions are able to overcome the challenges of risk management, position management, liquidity source and trading across different financial instruments in a single platform. GES’s well established partnering with financial institutions and brokerage firms can fulfill customers’ needs of liquidity and market depth.

GES ensures the highest level of certainty and satisfaction through comprehensive industry expertise and a deep-set commitment to customers.

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GES trading platforms are using standard FIX protocol for communication with other 3rd party systems, any liquidity provider, exchanges, ECN or brokerages that support FIX protocol can be easily integrated into the trading systems of GES. A large number of top tier liquidity providers have already been connected with GES to provide stable and competitive pricing, liquidity and market depth. GES will continue to connect with liquidity providers with different assets around the globe to fulfill the needs of brokerages.

Liquidity Providers

ECN and Aggregators