Asset Management

An Advanced, Highly Sophisticated and Multi-Functional Wealth Management System

IX Web

IX Web is a web interface for clients to check the most up-to-date product information, market news, announcement and investment portfolio. IX Web greatly reduces administrative workload by streamlining fund subscription and Back Office process including fund selection, capital injection, application approval and unit registration.

Powerful Client and Order Management

GES IX helps wealth management companies easily expand their service capabilities and client base by centralizing the management of client accounts and orders in one single console. In this console, clients’ personal information and orders are safely recorded for administration, analysis, billing and settlement.

Localized Event Scheduler

The event scheduler is able to help administrators generate and manage the events involved in the business operations. By integrating the holiday and product holiday tables, the system can automatically generate the event schedule clearly showing the dates of valuation, dividend distribution and maturity.

Simplified and Automatic Fund Operations

Fund operations are managed in a flexible, user-friendly environment. The administrative burdens are greatly reduced by eliminating and automating the error-prone tasks such as setting management fee, placing orders, adding formulas, dividend and interest, etc.

  • Managing Product Series and Product information
  • Fees and charges calculation
  • Customizable formula for dividend and interest
  • Assigning a bank settlement account to each product
  • One step products NAV management panel with import pricing function
  • Client portfolio summary
  • Daily accounting record of all trades
  • Individual set of holiday scheme for each products