Financial Trading Solutions

With GES's full-fledged, highly scalable and multi-functional trading system, brokers are able to trade diverse financial instruments all over the world either on online terminals or over the phone.

GES Global Trading System

GES EX – Exchange Trading System

Key Features
HKEX Certified BSS Vendor, compatible with HKEX OCG and OMD-C
Easy integration with 3rd party order management and back office settlement system. Supports real-time synchronization between GES EX and Xentrix
Able to connect with multiple trading counterparties for trading global securities or private banking products
EX-MAM module allow fund manager to place orders for multiple accounts at one time, and trades can be automatically allocated to each fund accounts by pre-defined rules such as account NAV weighting or specific percentage.
Supporting SFC of Hong Kong and other regulatory bodies’ trading and regulatory requirements

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GES TX – OTC Trading System

Key Features
Simple MT4 plugins allowing brokers to access top-tier liquidity without additional software and hardware.
A dedicated bridge solution for brokers to connects MT4 server with Liquidity Providers (LPs). The bridge is equipped with flexible routing rules include routing per group, product or percentage etc., which caters the needs of A Book brokerage with the agile overriding mechanism.
Powerful Dealing Station fully covering all the functions which is necessary for traditional market makers (B Book) and STP brokers (A Book). You can gain better control over the risk exposure no matter you are dealing with scalper or market fluctuation.

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Auton – Algo Trading Terminal

Key Features
With built-in algo trading kit, Auton allows traders to deploy existing trading strategies or script their own one in the terminal.
Traders can maximize investment profits by adjusting the number of trades, stop loss/gain limit and investment amount with Auton’s Trading Strategy Optimizer according to their own risk coefficients.
Back Testing to discover how the trading strategies would play out using historical data.
Support Desktop, iOS and Android
  • Auton TX – for trading FX, Bullion, CFD and options
  • Auton EX – for trading Stocks, Warrants, CBBC, ETFs and REITs
  • How can Auton helps you on Quantitative Trading?