The True Multi-asset and Algo-ready Trading Terminal
Supporting Trades of FX, Bullion, CFDs, Options and Equities in One Single Terminal

True Multi-asset and Algo-ready Trading Terminal

Eliminating the hassle of changing terminals or user interfaces to accommodate different financial products, Auton allows retail traders to trade more than a thousand of financial instruments in one single trading terminal. Stocks, FX or bullion can be all traded at ease. The trading products supported by Auton include FX, Bullion, CFDs, Options and Equities.

Trading Strategy Optimizer

Traders can maximize investment profits by adjusting the number of trades, stop loss/gain limit and investment amount with Auton’s Trading Strategy Optimizer according to their own risk coefficients.

Algo Trading Kit

With the built-in algorithmic trading kit, Auton allows traders to deploy existing trading strategies or script their own one in the terminal. Auton is able to implement the related trading strategies to make the most rational investing decisions.

Back Testing

By comparing each trading strategy and its performance, traders can assess the accuracy of the strategy to analyze and improve it. With Auton’s Trading Strategy Optimizer, you can develop a unique trading strategy that will work best for yourself.

Advanced Charting and TA

Auton offers dozens of built-in TA tools including Bollinger Bands, Moving Average, Fast/Slow Stochastic, Price Oscillator and MACD. Various types of chart styles, such as parallel line, parabola and projection line are also available to help traders to gain instant insights into historic price data for analysis.

Mobile Apps Ready

Auton supports the most commonly used mobile operating systems including iPhone, iPad and Android, giving traders the convenience of placing orders, accessing real time quote and the latest market news anytime and anywhere on the go.