Risk Elite

GES’s advanced technology takes risk management operations to a new level, enabling brokers to manage their risk intelligently and make better decisions on either adopting A Book to minimize risks or B Book to maximize profits.

A/B Book in a glance

The system provides a wide range of reporting and monitoring functionality. Brokerages are able to have full visibility on overall A and B Book position within a single panel.

Position Management

By using our advanced routing rules, all orders can be defined to route by per group, per product routing, or by portion. Complementing by our override mechanism, an A Book client could be excluded from routing out to LP. Such flexibility gives you a higher controllability on every trade execution.

One to Many STP

With direct access to a transparent trading environment with multi-institutional liquidity streams, brokerages can benefit from GES’s unique feature by auto splitting a big ticket into multiple small orders for better fills by LPs.

Slippage Control

With our smart routing technology, you are able to gain full control over slippage by getting each order filled at the requested rate or a limited deviation.

Various Execution Types

GES’s flexible order execution types enable brokers the ability to choose appropriate way to execute clients’ order.