A Sophisticated Trading System Especially Designed for Brokerages
Supporting Forex, Bullion, CFDs and Options

The Most Comprehensive Risk Management & Liquidity Solutions

Overall Positions, Order and Client Management

TX-Hybrid enables you to monitor all buy / sell, total / positions and floating P/L of all products in real time. For every transacted order, you can manage it in different stages or time by effectively limiting the total lot size traded or net size per group or client, preventing your clients from overtrading and managing dealing risk within controllable limits.

Robust Pricing Engine

TX-Hybrid and TX-Bridge include robust built-in pricing engine, which supports multi-feed connection and integrates different feeds through sophisticated algorithm, helping to improve the pricing quality and avoid disconnection problem. The built-in filter and volatility mechanism can filter out spike price and invalid price smartly, or auto enlarges the spread on top of the market spread, instantly protecting a dealer from suffering a loss.

Executing Broker System

GES’s unique TX-FIXgateway allows multiple brokers/institutions to route their orders to a consolidated TX-Hybrid. Each broker/institution owns a margin account which illustrates their margin level in real time. With TX-FIXgateway, a sizable brokerage can become a liquidity provider of other brokers.

Various Order Execution Types

Order execution price is important to your clients. TX-Hybrid and TX-Bridge provides different types of order execution, such as order price, fill price, and tolerance price depending on the market condition.

AE Trading Terminal

The interface of AE trading terminal is intuitive and easy to use. AE can monitor the positions and trades of their own clients in one single window. The system also supports PAMM / MAM modes which allow AE to place order for multiple clients with one click and the system will automatically allocate the trades to specific clients’ accounts by predefined percentage.

Comprehensive Reports

TX-Hybrid provides more than 50 types of reports which are available for audit and regulatory compliance. Dealers are able to check on any suspicious trading pattern in daily trading record and categorize specific clients for further handling. For compliance, TX-Hybrid not only fulfills the requirement of regulatory bodies in Hong Kong, but also have experience in meeting the legislation and guidelines of regulatory bodies in different countries.

Introducing Broker (IB) System

IB System includes a multi-level commission calculation system and reports. Introducing brokers / agents can effectively manage their IB business by instant check on clients’ trading history and monitoring their sub-IB’s business performance through a dedicated web portal.