Resources and Workflow Management

Development and Supply of Resources Allocation, Planning, Scheduling and Workflow Management Software to Various Industries.

School and College

  School and College Management and Business Management



Timetable Achiever Course & Examination Timetabling System (TEA)

We focus on the break-through research by combing the Constraint Programming techniques and extend it with Local Search and Operation Research techniques to tackle real-life hardest instance found in scheduling and resource allocation. Combined with our Real Logic Foundation Layer, our solution has been adopted to solve large scale course and examination timetabling problem in universities with over 10,000 students found in Hong Kong.


An advanced back office management system which provide a reliable, efficient, and effective administration and management processes for schools and colleges by centralizing all students' activities and records in one single console. Its open interface can be seamlessly integrated with TEA and VenueSync system.

Key Features:

  • Application Processing
  • Admission
  • Tuition Fees and Payment
  • Staff and Student Account Maintenance
  • Scholarships and Financial Assistance
  • Cource Enrollment
  • Marks and Grading Management
  • Examination and Assessment
  • Academic Results and Transcripts
  • Student Portal Administration

A comprehensive venue, event and resource booking solution which helps schools or businesses to manage bookings for all types of venue, event and resources.

Key Features:

  • Support web and mobile interface
  • Room administration
  • User administration
  • Room booking via web and mobile devices
  • Single sign-on
  • Views of Room’s Event
  • Multiple authorization levels
  • Notification of booking confirmation (approved or rejected) by email
  • Download of room booking event as an Outlook calendar event format
  • Booking event search
  • QR Code Scanning via Mobile for instant room availability enquiry

The evolutionary RexCloud leverages state-of-the-art datacenter and the cloud technology for high-performance collaboration and remote access. It offers a variety of module which tailored for all kinds of business needs for enterprises.


  • Cloud Ready
  • Scalable and Secured
  • Flexible and Easy to Deploy
  • Web Interface
  • Quick Integration and API ready with Payment Gateways, Salesforce., etc
  • Multi-User Roles and Access Control
  • Flexible Configuration
  • Audit and Log
  • Comprehensive Reporting